Deliver E-Mails that are not Spam

When an E-Mails arrives that looks suspicious, the E-mail will not be delivered to your inbox. Instead, it will land in your spam quarantine. Sometimes, legitimate E-Mails are classified as Spam because of different factors that can lead to a classification of spam. When this happens, you need to manually release the E-Mail.

To do that, first select the E-mail in the list of spam messages:


To the right, the preview of the E-Mail message opens up.


You can now select how to proceed with the selected E-Mail.

Warning: You should sanity-check an email before delivering them.

You can view the reason, an E-Mail got flagged as spam by clicking the "Toggle Spam Info"-Button


In this case, we can see that the Mail has a Spam-Score of 2.729, with most of it coming from the Marker "HTML TEXT INVISIBLE FONT". You can go with the following scale to check the probability of a malicious or illegitimate Email:

Spam Score Meaning
< 0 Probably Clean
< 5 Low probability of Spam
> 5 High probability of Spam

To deliver an E-Mail, click the deliver button, and see your Email-Inbox. 

Important: If you want to Whitelist a Sender, do it before you click "Deliver", otherwise the E-Mail will be gone.


Danger: Only open E-Mails from senders you trust, and sanity-check the email before delivering it.